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Centre Bus de Montrouge
Avenue Jean Jaurès,


Lost items

If you found an item that has been lost, please give it to station staff rather than bus drivers. The item will be recorded and a id paper will be given to you in return.

If you lost an item in the bus:

The same day or following day:
Call : 3246 (0,34€/mn)

After 5 days:
contact : Bureau des objets trouvés:
36, rue des Morillons, 75015 PARIS
08 21 00 25 25 (0,12€/mn)

from 8h30 until 17h (monday to thursday)
from 8h30 until 16h30 (on friday)
Closed saturdays, sundays and holidays.

Warning: Lost items cannot be given back to you from the bus driver. It is strictly forbidden to them to give back a lost item! Only staff members at the stations under conditions (showing an official id card) can give your item back. Thank you for your understanding...