Funny moments

Some funny or weird or good moments aboard the bus, lived by some of the bus 38's drivers...



 It was a summer day, with an incredible heat. The young lady (usual passenger of the line) was, this particular day, even more lightly dressed as she used to be. In fact she was wearing a kind of thin silk and lightly transparent dress. She boarded the bus at her usual stop and I knew she were supposed to get off at St-Michel place. She sat at rear of the bus and it is at the arrival at the terminal that the surprise was.

All the passengers went off but her, and I was really wondering the reason why... She stayed, rigid and her back stuck at her seat, looking at me with desesperate eyes when I standed up to check my bus.

There was now just the two of us in the bus and I then ask her why she didn't get off like everybody. She answers "she has a little problem"... and explains to me that her bra has come undone in her back and she can't put it back by herself! She adds she couldn't get off at her usual stop when the bra got undone because only men were surrounding at that moment!

I then brought myself to do it with most gentleness for which the RATP bus company never prepared me though !

- Didier -




 FAT 38!

OlivierJust a few words about Charlotte, passenger of the 38 line for years, who is a little bit a part of the team now, considering us as her "second family" and knowing each driver... She brings to us regularely some delicious cakes she's cooking by herself and it is really a good time to eat those warm cookies between our rides.
...Thank you Miss Charlotte ;-)

- Laurent -




At that time I was driving a bus from Paris to Massy-Palaiseau in the suburbs of Paris. That day, a hot summer day, I took all my passengers at the departure terminal as usual. The ride passes as it use to and we arrived at the other terminal in Massy, where everybody gets off. Well, almost everybody, because I can see a young lady (another one) who I never saw before, staying sat on her seat. She wore a black raincoat (which was quite surprising with the heat) and carried a big travel bag. "You're not getting off?" did I ask to her. She answers that if I don't mind, she would like to stay in the bus for the return trip. Well... no big deal. But then... Back to the other terminal at Porte d'Orléans the same thing happens again: She ask to stay in the bus... and then it went on like this during my all day of work!... and the all week!... and for monthes!... Of course, she wasn't always in my own bus, but she was always in a bus of the line, and always with her black raincoat and luggage.

I started to wonder who could she be, and how she could spend all of her days in a bus of line 197. I thought she probably was an homeless and I would see her, as many others, progressively in downfall. But no. Weeks and monthes passed... and I never saw her in a different attitude and state as the first day. I often tried to talk with her and I succeeded sometimes, but I could never clear up the mystery about her.

One day she and I were once again at the terminal in the bus where she stayed without saying a word, I took a 50FF note and gave to her. To show a bold front, I added she surely needs this note more than I do. She looked at me and took it without saying a word.

Weeks passed again and one day I saw her coming straight to me (as normally she goes at the rear of the bus without saying anything than a whisper "bonjour") and then she gave me back a note similar as the one I gave to her a few weeks before, telling me in half-defiantly, half-acknowledgfully look, she hated being in debt. I felt silly and, without finding anything to reply, took the note back.

This strange woman kept on riding the line for some time and then I finally never saw her again. I never knew what happened to her... and her mystery remains intact...

 - Didier -



A client, regular on the line, took the habit to clean and brush it's shoes conscienciously on the pavement before boarding the bus. He was doing it all the time and it was quite funny to see. We really thought about putting a doormat at his bus stop!...

- Pierre -



On september 10th, 2003, at 6 o'clock in the morning, the driver of bus 38 had a big surprise to see a pregnant woman he just let come aboard, come to deliver her baby. Thanks to his help, the baby and mother are now fine...




A passenger boards in, breathing after a run she had to get the bus, and ask the driver:
- Is it here the previous stop?...


A woman is making large signs to the bus between two stops, from outside. The drivers answers with his head that "yes" he will open the door to her...
She then boards in and ask the driver with an embarrassed smile:
- Did you hear what I said to you from the outside?
- Well, I didn't really hear but I guess you asked to get in?...
She laughed and said:
In fact I asked you if you could "take me" in your bus!!!
- ...and I said ... "yes?" ...answered the driver, amused...