Ancient gate in the fortifications leading for the road to Orléans, it is the southest gate of Paris. It is here that tanks of the 2nd armed division came in to free Paris on August 25th 1944. General Leclerc entered by Porte d'Orléans standing in his scout-car, to defeat General Von Choltitz. The avenue from Porte d'Orleans to Alesia and Denfert Rochereau keeps his name.

The street of Père Corentin, formerly calles the green way (map of 1730), take it's name from Father Corentin (1894-1944), patriot killed by the Germans on Aug. 28th 1944 in his covent of Saint-François.

At the end of that streets, stands the depot of line 38. You can't visit it, but you can always try to meet us there!

Map of the Porte d'Orléans

The Crêperie (take-away pan-cakes) at crossroad avenue du Général Leclerc... just beside our terminal: The biggest pan-cakes of Paris! We often go there for our break-lunch time ;-) and also the delicious french bakery Thévenin.
The DRAGOON restaurant. A small place for chineese and thai meals, really good ones... The very kind owner welcomes you with a large smile always. Go at 115 avenue du Général Leclerc (20 m of the terminal...)
Hotel Virgina A very nice and friendly hostel to stay if you're visiting Paris! Bus 38 stops right at hotel's door...
Here starts the highway (A6) to south of France. You'll also find many buses to ride in Paris : The "PC" which is riding all around the city, and the 28, 38, 68 riding downtown. Also many buses to the southern suburbs. ...to know more
terminal is also very close to the Parc Montsouris: A very beautiful parc to spend some relax time. You don't feel your in the city anymore!!.

If you cross the street, you can also see the Cité Universitaire (student accomodation village) and all the buildings from all over the world.