The bus drivers

Bus 38 is a team made of women and men... with their talents, hobbies or passions... Here are descriptions about some of them, who did accept to put their pictures on the web! >> You can also send a personal e-mail to a driver... (click on his name or the envelope to send...)

(the order is randomly changing at each visit of this page...)

28 38
Part time driver at the bus company, Laurent has an exciting (but busy) double-life: Beside driving the bus in Paris, he reveals as a good sax player currently 'saxing' in England and touring worldwide with a british tribute band to the famous Supertramp! He also is fond of Photography and was awarded as Photography Champion of France 2015! (nov.2015)
Hobbies : Photography, travels.

- Some photos of Laurent are shown now at restaurant CIRCONSTANCES, 174 rue Montmartre, 75002 PARIS !

Yann  38
Looks like a very serious guy (pass your mouse over his picture though... ;-), Yann is very humourous though... He likes sport, especially the "Savate", martial sport he practiced many years.
Hobbies : Internet, sport.

Damien 38
Driving buses at daytime, Damien also loves to drive his motorbike!... He also is a friendly guy and was recently elected as line 38 staff representative. He also sets the "afterworks" where we meet, between colleagues, for a break and friendly moments some evenings...
: Model making.

Pierre 38 21 28 67 88 216 N14 N21
Born in south of France (Carcassonne), Pierre left his hometown and previous job (truck driver) at 21 to join the bus company. Quiet and shy at first sight, he's a nice fellow who enjoys laughing and having fun...
: Great football fan.


Franck 38 28
When he's not driving bus 38, Franck has another passion to express his skills: Drawing! He's very gifted, and you can discover his talent for now on his special page here...
: Travelling.

Carlos 38
Driver for now 9 years, Carlos loves his job !! Do not hesitate to go and have a chat with him: he's a cool guy!...
: Cooking, Basketball, Bicycle & motorcyle.

Christophe 38 28
Christophe will always be happy to help you, and is always happy to talk with his fellow passengers. When not driving, to release the stress from work, he likes to play video gamesl...

28 38
Fond of astronomy, mad with constellations, Didier can talk for hours about cosmos!.. He really knows a lot about and he's very interesting to listen to... You can read his item (in french!)
Hobbies : Litterature and Photography...!

Into communication, Tony really likes to talk with his fellow passengers in his bus... but not only: He also communicates worldwide thanks to "radio-telegraphy" which is his main passion... Visit his own website "F6KRK" to now more about it. (His radio code: F8ATS)


Olivier  38
Hard to find a driver as relax as Olivier. But this handsome (and single!... for ladies ;-) guy is working only at half time as a bus driver... The rest of his time, he enjoys life and the dolce vita!
Hobbies : Travels, motorbike.

Carlos 38
Very calm and reserved driver , Carlos will always welcome you with a smile. Do not hesitate to speak with him...


Laurent   38
After driving his bus, Laurent remains still into transportation system, but smaller sized: He has a passion for scale models trains!
Hobbies : Music (he plays drums and percussions).


Nathalie   38
Shy and reserved when driving her bus, Nathalie can also deal with spotlights at her spare time. She's indeed also working as a lighting technician time to time...



Thibault   38
Very quiet and shy when driving his bus in the city, Thibault will always appreciate you to come to him and have a talk.
(He will soon reveal his passions and hobbies here...)



Xavier 28 38
Another musician driving this line! Xavier is a good jazz amateur guitar player. He's practicing his guitar as soon as he's back home after driving. He recently bought a brand new electro-acoustic guitar he was dreaming about...

  Ivan  38
Well, yes of course, at first sight Ivan looks very serious... but on this picture only! (pass your mouse over his picture to see the real guy ;-) Ivan is rather a clown most of the time... Do not hesitate to go and talk with him. You should not be disappointed...
Hobbies : Fond of Harley Davidson and old american cars, Ivan also plays guitar and bass.



Laurent   38
Bus driver in Paris since 2003, Laurent did that to have chance to spend more time with his 3 children (Kilian - 9, Axel - 6 and Maeva - 2)... Time also to ride all around France with his van (especially during winter for skiing). Loves all roads biking and football (supporting Parisian team PSG since 1982!)
Hobbies  : Music (Hard-rock from the 80's).

Didier  21 28 38 67 88 216
Enjoying life at 100% of his capacities, Didier does many sports and also is a good dancer. He loves cuban music, Merengue, Salsa, and also Fado (poetic portuguese music).
Hobbies  : Subaqua diving, fitness, Thai boxing...


Dino 21 28 38 67 88 216 N14 N21
Proud of his italian origins, Dino is fond of everything related to gastronomy and wines. He also is a good cook, and reveals to you (for now) one of his personal favourites recipes among others: the Tiramisu... Check it out and try it sometime!...

Herve 20 63
Formerly from bus 38, Hervé drives now on busline #20. He's passionnated with the world in general, Hervé travels as much as he can and often hits the road for new adventures with his backpack! about it...
Hobbies : Music (fan of Genesis), he plays guitar and keyboards.



Pascal 38
After having spent 15 years under the french army's uniform, which gave him the opportunity to travel through several countries, Pascal is now wearing the bus company's one since 1999. His passion for travels and meeting other people with different cultures, gave him rise to a dream: to join together all nationalities in his bus!...
Hobbies : Jogging, swimming, astronomy, music (jazz).



Michel   38
The road is his job... Before driving a bus at the citybus company in Paris, he was driving a truck... Very calm and nice, come and talk with him sometime...
Hobbies : Fond of karting and car races and everything related to Ferrari's...



Laurent 28 38
After a long day in the bus, Laurent likes cooking good meals (especially for his daughter!). He also finds good time to relax in painting and drawings (waterpaints, oil paintings...) He'll show some of his creations here soon!...



Carole 28 38
Her secret for being so smiling and kind in her bus, is maybe her "zen" passion for Bonsaïs?... or also, the joy of being a young mother since a few monthes. Anyway, she's one of the smiliest person of bus 38 ;-)

Arnaud   38
Always smiling when driving, Arnaud is a strong person. His main hobby at the moment is in repairing an old farm at country side. He spend a lot of his free time for it.

Julien  38
Driving since March 2009 and on bus 38 since July 2011, Julien uses his days off work going to Auvergne, center of France where he comes from, or to Perpignan where lives his family.
Hobbies : Meet friends in a pub for a drink...

Christophe  38
Christophe loves is job and his fellow passengers. He will always welcomes you with a smile and will help you if possible.
Hobbies : His house and friends...

Pierre  91
If you boarded his bus, you were lucky enough to listen to many historical details and stories told by Pierre about bus stops names, streets or monument's history. On demand, Pierre could speak english as he formerely used to drive the bus in London!
Hobbies : Photography, Trains and railways



Laurent 199
Fond of Formula 1 car races, Laurent is himself racing virtual games on internet. You can follow his races on (name: Lolof1)
Hobbies : Computer, airplanes.

Eric 38 28
Infos soon...

Thomas 38
Infos soon...

Sandra 38 28 21
Mother of two big boys, Sandra became a bus driver after a carrer change (graduated in biochemistry and 11 years as a lab tech.).
Hobbies : Cooking. Sport to get fit again afterwards!

Valdemar 38 197
Always smiling and ready for help, Valdemar is a nice and friendly driver...
Hobbies : Cooking, billard, pétanque.

Françoise 38
Infos soon...

Nicolas 38 28
Infos soon...

Dominique 38 28 21 67 88 N14
Fond of japanese martial arts as well as traditionnal medicine (especially Shiatsu), Dominique knows how to keep the Zen attitude at work...
Hobbies : Aïkido, Shiatsu, hiking and Photography.

Lionel 28
Always ready to listen and help the others, Lionel likes to speak with his passengers when he drives. He also is DJay on his days off (contact him to use his services...)
: Online games (Final fantasy 14 real reborn).

Alexandre 38
Infos soon...

Micheline 38
Infos soon...

Carine 38 88 188 197 196 199 319 395 399
Coming from northern France (Lille), Carine was formerly in the army (gendarmerie) over five years. Since her daughter was born, she uses all her free time to take care of her...

Stef 28 38
Tall man fond of football (Paris Saint Germain), extreme music (heavy metal) and travels (all around the world), loves sense of humor. Over 20 years driver, now fixed on bus 28 and sometimes 38...
Hobbies  : Football, travelling, music.


Philippe   instructor
Likes sports in general, but especially ski and skating stuff. Philippe plays Hockey on ice. He also like jogging.
Hobbies : Black american Soul music.


Jessica Manager since Jan. 2014
After having lived 20 years in Marseille, Jessica has been working at the RATP bus company since 2006, and working in the heart of Paris is a dream came true. One passion? Travels... and happily, route 38 is a daily, unique and never-the-same travel!