Bus 38 History
...The line since it's creation... and, generally, Parisian buses since their creation ;-)

17th century

19th century

Early 20th century

1975 until today

...until today...

Arrêt Gare de l'Est, 1979Standard buses were in duty for over 30 years, until 90's on line 38.

They are now completely off duty, replaced with new models. Our depot used for the last time one of these models on line 67 in 2001.


Standard SC 10 U
"Standard" type in 1980, Place Saint-Michel.

Many types of buses were tested to follow the former model, with other brands: Renault. Il ne roulait parfois sur ligne qu'une seule voiture de la marque en essai...

"Mercedes" tested in 1985

"Van Hool" tested in 1990

These trials were not successful and the model "R 312" from Renault was used on line 38 until next generation, en 1998, with actual Renault "Agora".

Renault R312

Vue stéréo...

Bus 38, fev. 2001
Agora V2, Boulevard Saint-Michel, feb 2002


Autobus MAN tested apr 2002


terminal in 1986