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Agora V2

2,50m width and 12m long
19 tons
70 km/h (45 mph)

95pers. (29sit. + 66stand.)

Tank 240 liters
6 cylinders
9839 cm3
206 Hp. (2100 rpm)

Passengers counter,
Driver Interface System (I.C.S) with satellite position, Repair Help System (also Aigle, Altaïr systems)
Anti-agression cabin with securit window, i
Internal video control with 5 cameras aboard and 30mn non-stop loop recording on hard disk
2 digital cameras for outside of the bus (front and back)
sound system and visual screen for stops announcements.




This serie of Renault "Agora" buses are on duty since december 2000. Since line 21 is moving to hybrid buses, 38 is getting the old buses "MAN" and both are riding at the same time for now. They're equiped with a low floor with an extractible paddle for handicaped persons. It is also possible to low down the entire bus at the ground's level.


Screens in drivers room (Porte d'Orléans)

Driver's tools (S.A.M)

Videoscreen for central door.


Buses atChatelet
(Photo J. Cirard, Bus 88)


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