Bus regulation

At the terminal of Porte d'Orléans, you can see, facing the 38's bus stop, behind a bay-window, some agents working at their computers... This is the regulation center of the lines 28 38 88 216

One person is in charge for one line, trying to optimize the regulation of the buses in the parisian traffic (you can see here, from front to back: Philippe, Richard, Genevieve and Catherine). Some others are also going in the street to check the situation and also manage the departures at the Chatelet (half-line terminal).

Usually, during the day, one bus on every two is going to Gare du Nord. The other one stops and turns at Chatelet to drive back to the Porte d'Orléans. At night time, all buses are riding from Porte d'Orleans to Gare du Nord. 

The goal of the regulation is to maintain as much as possible this alternation Gare du Nord / Chatelet and especially the frequency of buses (4 to 6 minutes during the day)... despite the bad conditions of driving in the city (traffic, demonstrations, accidents, busy bus lanes...). Each bus also has it's own shedules and also a computer system coordinated with the regulation center.

This center is in duty from 6h30 until 20h30. The 38's buses riding at night time have a departure every 15mn from 21h45 until 0h30 (last departure on each side).

After 0h30 the 38 is replaced by the nightbus called "Noctilien". It runs every hour (every 15mn on week-ends) until 6h, when the regular 38 starts again it's duty.


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