Bus regulation

The new system CRIV (Centre de Régulation et d'Information Voyageurs) is now in charge of regulating the parisian buses within the traffic. Some agents dedicated to this task are located in a buiding in the suburbs.

Each agent has several bus lines to manage and works with computers.

Depending on bus line needs, they can order buses to do partials shifts with buses returning before the end of the line.

Regulation's goal is to maintain as possible a good distance between buses and a reasonable timing (4 to 6 minutes at daytime) and placing bus with a good balance all along the line, despite the bad conditions (traffic, demonstrations, accidents, bus lanes stuck, etc...) whilst trying to maintain a decent break between each round for the drivers.

JessicaOne manager is in charge for each bus line. For bus 38, it is Jessica (see picture).

NB: Before 2014, the system was different: Each regulation agent had to deal with only one line, his (or her's), and was located at the terminal of the line, with direct contact with the drivers and possibly passengers.

Regulation before 2014...