Satisfaction notes

Here are the live results from our passengers/website visitors. The notations are made in pourcentages...
Bad Average Good Excellent and are not limited in time. It is not an official poll, but just an opinion given by passengers / drivers visiting this website...

Résults passengers side

74.9 % of passengers found our drivers smiling and welcoming.
72.0 % are satisfied of the cleaniness of our buses.
73.8 % of our passengers think our frequency is regular and fair.
80.4 % feel safe aboard our buses on line 38.
75.3 % of the passengers think our drivers drive well with comfort.
75.3 % found the bus speed adequate.
80.5 % are satisfied with our drivers presentation.
75.8 % found the information level fairly good.
84.7 % enjoyed visiting our website.

- on 93 votes -


Résults drivers side

59.3 % of our drivers think their passengers are smiling and polite.
56.7 % think their passengers have a good understanding of their work.
53.3 % of our drivers are satisfied with their routes timings.
72.7 % are feeling safe while driving.
20.0 % believe the sharing of their bus lanes (with taxis, bikes, ...) is good.
74.7 % appreciate their work ambiance (colleagues, chiefs).
59.3 % of drivers feel estimated and heard by their hierarchy.
60.7 % enjoy their equipments.
88.7 % are happy with their website

- on 15 votes -