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Page to present the website, and explain it's goal. A good start... To say a Bonjour to everyone...



To know what is a bus driver's job at the RATP transport authority bus company and more precisely on line 38. We try to tell about our work, the details to know how it goes, it's techniques. More information too concerning the material we have... (systems aboard, technique, ...)



What do we do aboard during our rides?... The attitude we have can change the all thing. Let's make it a nice way. We talk about this here...


The route

The itinerary used by our bus line is very interesting with it's history and the districts we pass by... Each stop's name reveals a part of this history and we found interesting to search and show you a little bit of it. As a tourist, you will also discover a lot of the city riding on bus 38. We cross the all of it from South to North. Take a seat and enjoy!..


Bus map

The official map from the RATP about bus 38. (Pdf file)



Some videos taken about the line.

Some funny moments that happenend aboard the bus. Our drivers tell their experiences and joke about it.


Meeting point

Some 'virtual' visitors of this web site 38, come sometimes to meet us for real aboard the bus or at our terminal... You can view a few pictures of some meetings here...


Drivers Pictures

To discover who "really" are these people driving the bus for you. Some of our drivers put their picture here and introduce themselves in a few lines to tell their hobbies or passions... Show they're 'human'.

You can even send personnally a mail to some of them if you want, and get in touch!



In a big city like Paris, the many buses riding on line 38 need to be regulated. See the regulation center and the people who try do do that.


Our buses

Technical section. The kind of bus we have on our line, and the devices we use.



The huge garage where our buses are parked, cleaned and fixed. Have a look at our offices and the many lines it keeps...


38's history

Just like Paris, the bus line 38 has too it's history. We tell you about it from it's start and even before!... It all began in... 1662!!



Some websites we visited and liked. Related to buses or not...


38 in the world

Many foreign visitors all over the world sent us pictures of buses called "38" riding in other cities on the planet... Fun to see they don't really look alike.



The last news on line 38. Everything new which happens is told here.


Seen from the bus

The route followed by bus 38 along the beautiful streets of the city, transform sometimes our windows into artistic pictures, or funny scenes... Some of them have been captured by our driver's cameras...



Aurelie, a young passenger of 38, Art student, sent us some drawings she made aboard... Really well seen!...



If you want to contact us, it's here!..



Leave a few words in our guestbook. We appreciate your comments... You can also view past messages since 2000!!! here



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French version

Of course, basically this site was made in french. So, if you're tired with the poor translation into english of this exhausted webmaster and driver I am after building this website, you can have it in french... It's almost the same, but a little more focused on the french-parisian passengers. Less touristic.